Possible Big Savings on Everyday Household items at your local Lowe’s

Lowe’s discounts can vary greatly by region but here are some great discounts that we found on everyday supplies. You can check your local Lowe’s price by just entering your zip code. You can also order from your local store online and pick it up for Free in-store to ensure it doesn’t become sold out before you get there.

Angel Soft 24-Pack Toilet Paper $5.99, Reg $5.98

Charmin Ultra 20-Pack Toilet Paper $8.39, Reg $13.98

Bounty 12-Count Paper Towels $10.79, Reg $17.98

Windex 26-fl oz Glass Cleaner $0.82, was $2.30

Dawn 18-oz Original Dish Soap $1.49, Reg $2.98

Finish 8.45-oz Dishwasher Rinsing Agent $1.99, Reg $3.98



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